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Ignored files:
    Ignored:    .DS_Store
    Ignored:    .Rhistory
    Ignored:    analysis/.DS_Store
    Ignored:    code/.DS_Store
    Ignored:    data/.DS_Store
    Ignored:    data/TADs/.DS_Store
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    Ignored:    output/.DS_Store

Untracked files:
    Untracked:  Rplot.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot001.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot002.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot003.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot004.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot005.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot006.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot007.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot008.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot009.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot010.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot011.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot012.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot013.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot014.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot015.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot016.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot017.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot018.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot019.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot020.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot021.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot022.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot023.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot024.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot025.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot026.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot027.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot028.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot029.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot030.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot031.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot032.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot033.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot034.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot035.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot036.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot037.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot038.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot039.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot040.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot041.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot042.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot043.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot044.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot045.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot046.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot047.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot048.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot049.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot050.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot051.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot052.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot053.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot054.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot055.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot056.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot057.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot058.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot059.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot060.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot061.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot062.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot063.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot064.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot065.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot066.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot067.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot068.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot069.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot070.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot071.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot072.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot073.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot074.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot075.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot076.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot077.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot078.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot079.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot080.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot081.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot082.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot083.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot084.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot085.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot086.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot087.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot088.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot089.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot090.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot091.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot092.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot093.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot094.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot095.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot096.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot097.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot098.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot099.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot100.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot101.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot102.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot103.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot104.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot105.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot106.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot107.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot108.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot109.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot110.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot111.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot112.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot113.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot114.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot115.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot116.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot117.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot118.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot119.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot120.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot121.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot122.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot123.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot124.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot125.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot126.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot127.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot128.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot129.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot130.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot131.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot132.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot133.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot134.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot135.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot136.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot137.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot138.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot139.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot140.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot141.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot142.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot143.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot144.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot145.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot146.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot147.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot148.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot149.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot150.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot151.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot152.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot153.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot154.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot155.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot156.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot157.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot158.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot159.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot160.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot161.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot162.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot163.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot164.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot165.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot166.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot167.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot168.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot169.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot170.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot171.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot172.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot173.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot174.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot175.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot176.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot177.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot178.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot179.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot180.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot181.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot182.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot183.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot184.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot185.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot186.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot187.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot188.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot189.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot190.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot191.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot192.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot193.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot194.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot195.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot196.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot197.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot198.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot199.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot200.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot201.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot202.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot203.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot204.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot205.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot206.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot207.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot208.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot209.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot210.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot211.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot212.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot213.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot214.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot215.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot216.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot217.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot218.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot219.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot220.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot221.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot222.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot223.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot224.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot225.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot226.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot227.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot228.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot229.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot230.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot231.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot232.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot233.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot234.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot235.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot236.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot237.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot238.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot239.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot240.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot241.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot242.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot243.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot244.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot245.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot246.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot247.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot248.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot249.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot250.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot251.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot252.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot253.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot254.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot255.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot256.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot257.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot258.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot259.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot260.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot261.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot262.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot263.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot264.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot265.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot266.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot267.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot268.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot269.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot270.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot271.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot272.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot273.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot274.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot275.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot276.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot277.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot278.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot279.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot280.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot281.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot282.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot283.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot284.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot285.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot286.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot287.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot288.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot289.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot290.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot291.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot292.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot293.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot294.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot295.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot296.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot297.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot298.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot299.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot300.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot301.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot302.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot303.jpeg
    Untracked:  Rplot304.jpeg
    Untracked:  S2A.jpeg
    Untracked:  S2B.jpeg
    Untracked:  code/mediation_test.R
    Untracked:  data/Chimp_orthoexon_extended_info.txt
    Untracked:  data/Human_orthoexon_extended_info.txt
    Untracked:  data/Meta_data.txt
    Untracked:  data/TADs/Arrowhead_individuals/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/CH.10kb.closest.panTro5
    Untracked:  data/TADs/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/CTCF/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/Chimp_inter_30_KR_contact_domains/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/HC.10kb.closest.hg38
    Untracked:  data/TADs/Human_inter_30_KR_contact_domains/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/Human_inter_30_KR_contact_domains_PT6/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/PT6_inter_30_KR_contact_domains/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/Rao/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/TopDom/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/deprecated/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/overlaps/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/overlaps_rao_style/
    Untracked:  data/TADs/
    Untracked:  data/chimp_lengths.txt
    Untracked:  data/counts_iPSC.txt
    Untracked:  data/epigenetic_enrichments/
    Untracked:  data/final.10kb.homer.df
    Untracked:  data/final.juicer.10kb.KR
    Untracked:  data/final.juicer.10kb.VC
    Untracked:  data/hic_gene_overlap/
    Untracked:  data/human_lengths.txt
    Untracked:  data/old_mediation_permutations/
    Untracked:  output/DC_regions.txt
    Untracked:  output/IEE.RPKM.RDS
    Untracked:  output/IEE_voom_object.RDS
    Untracked:  output/data.4.filtered.lm.QC
    Untracked:  output/data.4.fixed.init.LM
    Untracked:  output/data.4.fixed.init.QC
    Untracked:  output/data.4.init.LM
    Untracked:  output/data.4.init.QC
    Untracked:  output/data.4.lm.QC
    Untracked:  output/
    Untracked:  output/
    Untracked:  output/
    Untracked:  output/
    Untracked:  output/gene.hic.filt.KR.RDS
    Untracked:  output/gene.hic.filt.RDS
    Untracked:  output/gene.hic.filt.VC.RDS
    Untracked:  output/homer_mediation.rda
    Untracked:  output/juicer.IEE.RPKM.RDS
    Untracked:  output/juicer.IEE_voom_object.RDS
    Untracked:  output/juicer.filt.KR
    Untracked:  output/
    Untracked:  output/juicer.filt.KR.lm
    Untracked:  output/juicer.filt.VC
    Untracked:  output/
    Untracked:  output/juicer.filt.VC.lm
    Untracked:  output/juicer_mediation.rda
    Untracked:  output/mc_de.rds
    Untracked:  output/mc_de_homer.rds
    Untracked:  output/mc_de_juicer.rds
    Untracked:  output/mc_node.rds
    Untracked:  output/mc_node_homer.rds
    Untracked:  output/mc_node_juicer.rds

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This website details computational analyses done for the paper “Reorganization of 3D Genome Structure May Contribute to Gene Regulatory Evolution in Primates”. In this work, I utilized Hi-C and RNA-seq to find 3-dimensional regulatory differences affecting gene expression between humans and chimpanzees. Click on any of the links below to jump to that section of the analysis. Note that, for many interaction analyses, I repeated the same analysis using different normalization and significance-calling schmes (HOMER vs. Juicer); these are the larger headers. Figures 3, 5, and S10 were not created in R and thus are not seen here (I used pyGenomeTracks to make them). All other figures can be found in the associated files, as written below:

Analyses Utilizing Homer

Analyses Utilizing Juicer

TAD Analyses


Copyright (c) 2019, Ittai Eres, Kaixuan Luo, Chiaowen Joyce Hsiao, Lauren E. Blake, and Yoav Gilad. All source code and software in this repository are made available under the terms of the GNU GPL v3